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Information Systems Risk Management is an indispensable part of almost every Information Security Management Framework (ISO 27001, PCI DSS, National Banks regulations, etc.). Building risk management processes and methodologies is an important step in aligning information systems with these regulatory frameworks and standards.

Decision-making that involves risk-taking, is an integral part of the business. The selection of the correct and most appropriate solutions from several different alternatives is a very difficult task, especially if there is no sufficient number of indicators that can point to the right way.
A similar problem is also present in information security. How to choose security solutions and controls that ensure an adequate level of security, and are also justified from a business perspective? How to define a strategy and set goals in information security, and to still achieve optimal results for the organization? These are just some of the questions posed in information security and risk management is the method that can provide answers to these questions.

As a basis for decision making, risk assessment, as well as the whole process of risk management, plays an important role in the implementation of an information security management system. Security controls which are reasonable from a financial and also from a business point of view, are selected based on risk assessment, in order to reduce the security risk to an acceptable level.

Through the risk management service, Griffinix provides clients with the basis for connecting systems for information security management or for business continuity management with the business objectives and strategy.

Procedures for recording business processes, resources identification, their vulnerability and potential threats are the basic input parameters for risk assessment. The methods used are adjusted to our customers' needs and requests. But regardless of the methodology used, the result of such a process is transparent, and the process is repeatable, which is necessary to ensure the measuring process and comparison of the results with previous ones.

Risk management is the process that ensures to the client the alignment of the security management system and the business continuity management system with the business objectives and strategy. Also, through a systematic approach to risk management, timely scheduling and budgeting of current and future requirements and needs is ensured.