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Interruptions in business processes cause directly measurable financial losses to the companies. Apart from them, interruptions in operations can cause other damages that are not directly measurable, but which can have serious consequences for the business, such as loss of credibility, market position and the company's reputation.

Through the BCP (Business Continuity Planning) and DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning) services, our consultants assist the clients in the process of establishing business continuity management (BCM – Business Continuity Management).

In addition to planning responses in the event of catastrophic events (e.g, fires, natural disasters, etc.), BCM includes any other event that may cause disruption of the business (termination of service by the supplier, computer and network systems failure etc.) that have a direct impact and can cause losses to the business.

Through the systematic approach that includes:

  • identification of key business processes and Business Impact Assessment,
  • definition of a BCP strategy,
  • drafting BCP and DRP plans,
  • plans testing and
  • establishing procedures for maintaining and improving the BCM process,
the client receives an effective system for managing business continuity which provides:
  • emergency planning,
  • emergency management,
  • launching alternative business processes if necessary,
  • recovery operations.
By establishing the process of business continuity, the client is provided with a system  which in line with the strategic business objectives ensures the functioning of key business processes and an adequate level of IT services in the event of emergencies.
BCP/DRP plans and all the remaining documentation meet audit requirements related to business continuity.